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The next ten years for the city centre

News story
Friday 2 Nov 2018

The city centre has a rapidly growing workforce and residential population, huge private development underway and a transformative public investment programme underway.

A video released today brings together what is planned for the next ten years and shows the breadth of the development planned – from the new CRL stations, a transformed Quay Street and other waterfront spaces set to be completed by 2021, as well as longer term opportunities such as upgrades to High Street, Hobson and Nelson Streets.

This investment supports the heart of our economy - the city centre generates around 20% of Auckland’s GDP and 7% of New Zealand’s. It is growing as an attractive destination for commerce, living and tourism, with more public open spaces for people, improved pedestrian connections (which research shows is good for business) and more efficient public transport. 

It's not just about investment - what else needs to change - and what's the role of business?

In ten years' time we will be interacting with and experiencing the city centre in a very different way to what we do now. There is likely to be Light Rail on Queen Street and this will mean a change in how the surrounding streets will have to function. To accommodate the growing numbers of pedestrians there will be a shift away from private vehicles in some areas  – whilst still ensuring the needs of city operations such as loading and servicing are accommodated.  

We believe that the time is right to start exploring what this means for business and the city centre community.  Central to this is involving businesses in the conversation, to provide certainty and time to accommodate any change businesses must make to respond, and making sure any change is well managed and the impact is minimised.

Talking with business

We’re looking forwarding to talking with businesses over the coming months about these developments and the opportunities, this will include:

  • discussing opportunities for High Street with the High Street District community
  • hosting events to talk about the Downtown development programme as well as Light Rail
  • discussing the proposed 30km speed limit change in the city centre, which aims to support a safer and more people focused city centre
  • as well as hosting our first Loading and Servicing reference group to talk about innovation in an evolving city centre environment

Next week we will send more detailed information about the Downtown programme as well as some save the dates for a number of planned events. If you have any feedback or questions please contact Tania Loveridge to discuss.

Artist's impression of Aotea station entrance on Victoria Street, part of the linear park. Image:
Artist's impression of Aotea station entrance on Victoria Street, part of the linear park. Image: