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Urgent Couriers replaces Auckland central car fleet with electric cargo bikes

News story
Tuesday 16 Nov 2021

A successful city centre is one where goods can be delivered easily and efficiently. As the city continues to evolve and grow and technology shifts towards greener solutions, loading and servicing practices need to adapt to meet these changes. 

Certified carbon zero courier company Urgent Couriers have announced that they are replacing their city fleet of cars with electric cargo bikes. They can carry a maximum of 125kg in a lockable, waterproof cargo box on the front of the bike. 

Urgent Couriers have indicated that several factors meant the time was right for the introduction of the e-cargo bikes, including the availability of proven cargo bike technology, changes to roads and parking spaces in inner-city Auckland that give bikes an advantage and the changing nature of courier deliveries from documents to bulkier parcels or fragile items like cakes.

Urgent Couriers managing director Steve Bonnici says that the bikes will provide “faster delivers [to businesses because] the bikes will be able to use the cycle lanes and not be constrained by traffic, [meaning that] road congestion will be reduced.”

Ensuring speedy deliveries for businesses is critical and Urgent Couriers are confident their new e-cargo bikes will be the best option to reach businesses.

 This new approach to deliveries expects to take 40 to 50 tonnes of carbon emissions a year out of Auckland’s inner-city  Meaning that the newest addition to city centre streets will be of benefit to businesses and the environment. 

Heart of the City has been advocating for innovative change to the way loading and servicing is carried out in the city centre. This is a welcome initiative from Urgent Couriers.