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Is council’s funding right for our city centre to succeed and where should the money come from?

News story
Tuesday 6 Mar 2018

Council's priorities for the next 10 years

Auckland Council is asking for feedback on their draft Long Term Plan (LTP) which sets out its priorities for investment for the next ten years, including addressing challenges around transport and the environment. You can see council's summary of the LTP and review the whole document here.

We will be making a submission on the LTP and we'd like to hear the views of city centre property owners and businesses.

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Some key points

Transport & Regional Fuel Tax: Congestion is costing business and the quality of life of Aucklanders. New ways to raise funds are needed to build vital and reliable public transport. Council is proposing a 10c per litre fuel tax as one way of doing this.

City Centre Investment: The city centre contributes 7% of NZ's GDP, and plays a vital role in the success of the region. The transformation to date has had a positive economic impact. $327M, including $188M from City Centre Targeted Rate, is currently earmarked for investment here. This includes funding for the Downtown programme which includes a new bus interchange and an upgrade of Quay Street, as well as the first stage of the Victoria Street linear park. We're proposing to ask Council to allocate additional funding to the city centre, to ensure that investment supports the expected growth in the city centre and the significant investment being made from the private sector. Read more about the programme and the reasons for city centre investment here.

Rates:  There are a number of new funding mechanisms proposed including two new targeted rates to improve Auckland's water quality and environment, and reinstating the reduction of the business differential. You can find out more information about the proposed rates changes as well as how these rates may impact your property on the council website

The City Centre Targeted Rate, which funds $20M per annum into the city's transformation, is currently being collected until 2025. We're proposing to support its extension to 2028 to cover the full ten year programme.

Click here to tell us what you think

We want to understand what city centre property owners and businesses think about the regional fuel tax, rates and city centre investment.

Click here to tell council what you think

You can also give feedback directly to Auckland Council on the proposed LTP - via the council website, by post, by e-mail or in person./li>

If you want to discuss the LTP or city priorities with us 

If you want to discuss your views in greater depth than our survey allows or if you have questions for us, phone Tania Loveridge in our office on (09) 379 8000 or email her.