Research & Statistics

Below, you will find a range of research and statistics about Auckland city centre. 

Pedestrian Counts

We monitor  pedestrian counts in the city centre 24/7 using specialist foot traffic counting technology across a number of locations. Click here to use our live interactive tool and find out more.


Heart of the City Quarterly Spend Results

Heart of the City commissions a quarterly CBD Consumer Retail Expenditure Report to track trends and assist you with monitoring the performance of your business in the city centre. The report produced by Marketview Limited, is based on spending in the HOTC marketplace. The report is calculated based on a BNZ and paymark dataset. See below for a summary of the quarterly performances. Contact us if you wish to publish or discuss the contents of this report.  

Quarterly Trends to September 2017
Quarterly Trends to March 2017
Quarterly Trends to September 2016
Quarterly Trends to June 2016
Quarterly Trends to March 2016
Quarterly Trends to Dec 2015
Quarterly Trends to Sept 2015
Quarterly Trends to June 2015
Quarterly Trends to March 2015
Quarterly Trends to December 2014
Quarterly Trends to September 2014
Quarterly Trends to June 2014
Quarterly Trends to March 2014

General CBD Trends

Auckland Council produce quarterly reports for the CBD Board, on aspects of performance in the central city. This report covers trends around property, transport, tourism, crime, pedestrian counts, and retail.* 

Quarterly Performance to July 2013 - Download the summary report here
Quarterly Performance to September 2012 - Download the summary report here 
Quarterly Performance to December 2011 - Download the summary report here

*Council has stopped producing these quarterly reports in 2014

Public Life Survey: In 2010, Auckland Council commissioned a survey by Jan Gehl, called the Public Life Survey. The survey has analysed how the central city performs against other international cities, and sets a benchmark for the cities future development. The survey has informed the development of the Centre City Masterplan. As well as 24/7 pedestrian counts at key locations, the survey includes interesting data around the number of cafe tables, how long people spend in public spaces, and the general performance of the city centre.
You can find the survey here.

Auckland Census Data

The Census of Population and Dwellings undertaken by Statistics New Zealand is a great source of information to help you understand population, economy and housing trends across Auckland.

This website helps you to easily find census information specifically for Auckland. It provides interactive mapping, graphing and data export functions. You can build your own graphs and tables by selecting a data category or the relevant area on the map.

Click here to access Auckland Counts.