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The NZ Police play an important role in the city centre. Their prevention work includes focused programmes across a number of different sectors including retail theft - like the StoreWatch programme and advice for small businesses on how to prevent crime and increase safety - along with alcohol harm prevention teams, who work closely with the District Licensing Authority. Their active policing includes a strong on-street presence from city centre beat teams. They also work alongside the CityWatch team to improve the experience of safety in the city centre, and sit on the Taskforce on Alcohol and Safety.

There is a strong focus on collaboration to address issues, and the police are more than happy to support and communicate with businesses for relevant safety specific enquiries. We are happy to facilitate these enquiries as we we work closely and meet regularly with members of the central area policing team. 

The police monitor the extensive CCTV network that is in place in public spaces throughout the city centre.  

To contact the police

Emergency: call 111

Non-emergency: call 105

City centre community patrols

Community Patrols New Zealand (CPNZ) are looking to form a patrol in the city area. With the support of local police, this is an opportunity for members of the city centre community to contribute to crime prevention in the area. If you are interested in helping to set up a local patrol in the city area please contact

To find out more about CPNZ, head to their website here

  • Constables Ding Capunitan and Will Kerr in Exchange Lane in Auckland's city centre. Image: Heart of the City