Retail Action Plan

City Centre Retail Action Plan

In partnership with Auckland Council, Heart of the City has prepared a 5 year Retail Action Plan (2012-2017) that sets out a number of steps to improve the overall retail environment and experience, with an overall aim of bringing greater success to retail in the city centre.

The action plan focuses on a number of key areas - including the overall 'retail mix', as well as attractions and events, marketing and promotion, the regulatory framework, access, the physical environment and how the city centre is managed. Developed with input from key retailers, property owners, real estate firms, Council and their CCOs, the plan looks to coordinate efforts that are already underway, as well as identifying some new ideas. Collaboration between these parties will be key to its success.

Heart of the City has a key role to play in delivering the plan - including promotion, marketing and retail-focused events, working with Council and other agencies to improve the physical environment, safety, security and more.

The Retail Action Plan is a key action from Council's City Centre Masterplan, which sets the direction of the city over the next 20 years. We believe that the city centre can be the premier shopping destination in New Zealand, and having an attractive and successful city centre retail environment will enhance the overall experience for our visitors.

View a copy of the plan here.

City Centre Retail Prospectus

Interested in investing in or relocating to Auckland’s City Centre? The Auckland City Centre Retail Prospectus provides you with an overview of what the City Centre has to offer for Retail Investment. Click here to download the retail prospectus.