Rubbish & Recycling

Rubbish can play a major role in how the city is perceived by visitors, workers and residents. To keep the city looking tidy and avoid fines, make sure your business and your neighbours are disposing of waste appropriately. If you see rubbish in the street during the day, please contact Auckland Council to let them know - (09) 301 0101.

Here is an overview of Auckland Council's rubbish collection services in the city centre. Some buildings and businesses use licensed private waste management suppliers - if you're not sure which applies to your business, check with your property manager.

Key timings for Auckland Council rubbish and recycling collections

General rubbish, recycling, paper and cardboard are collected in the city centre 13 times weekly. You can place your rubbish out for collection at the following times:

  • Monday to Saturday 5pm - 5.30pm and 12am (midnight) - 4am
  • Sunday 12am (midnight) - 4am

Rubbish should not be placed outside the above times to avoid a $400 fine. Uncollected rubbish and recycling should be taken in and put out at the next collection time.

General Rubbish

Rubbish should be placed in Auckland Council orange rubbish bags and placed on the kerbside during the times above. 

Properties in the city centre are supplied with 52 orange rubbish bags every 6 months. These bags can only be used for collections in the Auckland city centre. 

Your rubbish must:

  • be in an official orange Auckland Council bag
  • be placed at the correct time as above
  • not contain hazardous materials, garden waste or liquids
  • weigh no more than 15kg



Cardboard should be flattened and bound with string or placed inside another box. Cardboard should not be placed in a bag. 

Paper and general recycling

Properties in the inner CBD are supplied with 78 clear recycling bags every 6 months.

General recycling and paper are to be placed in the clear recycling bag.

Your recycling must:

  • be stacked (cardboard) or in an official Auckland Council clear plastic bag (paper and general) as outlined above
  • be placed at the correct time as above
  • weigh no more than 15kg

Fines for illegal dumping

Rubbish and recycling that does not meet the above requirements is classified as illegal dumping. People caught illegally dumping could be fined up to $25,000.

Fats and Oils

Fats and oils require specialist disposal and you are required to make arrangements with a private contractor (for example, The Oil Man) for collection.

  • Don't place containers of oil on the kerbside as they will stain the pavement and spill all over the collection vehicles.
  • Don't pour used fats and oils down drains as it will cause blockages.
  • Don't pour fats and oils into tree roots as it will kill the trees.

Businesses disposing of fats and oils illegally could incur a fine of up to $25,000.

Extra rubbish and recycling bags

If you run out of either the orange rubbish or clear recycling bags before your next six-monthly allocation, you can purchase additional bags at the Auckland Council customer services centre, Bledisloe House, 24 Wellesley Street.

More information

For information about rubbish and recycling in the city centre, phone Auckland Council on 09 301 0101 or visit their website here.