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Urban garden grows on High Street

News story
Thursday 5 Dec 2019

High Street is bursting with flowers, strawberries, kawa kawa and mint.

For the Love of Bees have planted these, along with a range of other edible and medicinal plants, as part of a trial to improve the High Street environment for pedestrians and celebrate its unique characterAuckland Council, Heart of the City and the High Street community have co-designed the approach.

Sarah Smuts-Kennedy of For the Love of Bees says the plants provide habitat for pollinators as well as food for human beings.

“When you look at green and you are around green that is really good for your physical well-being,” she says.

“These sorts of plantings can really help with air filtration and to help bring biodiversity back into the city.

“I think climate change mitigation going forward for Auckland will be extremely beautiful. These small-scale, decentralised projects are going to be critical to the well-being of our city in the future.

“I can’t wait to see someone pick their first strawberry!

Video: Auckland Council