Buildings for bees

For the Love of Bees is a project which aims to help the city centre become more bee friendly. Bees play an important role in the pollination of food crops, including backyard vegetable gardens and edible community gardens. They contribute over $4.5 billion annually to our economy by providing free pollination services and producing honey.

Heart of the City members may want to take part in the campaign by having bee hives or bee food on their roof-top or helping to set-up the teaching garden at Griffiths Gardens (corner Wellesley and Albert Streets). 

Below: The pop-up teaching garden at Griffiths Gardens.

Advisors with specialist knowledge in bee-keeping, planting and environmental issues will guide participants in the process of identifying the issues and needs around bee conservation. 

Support will also be provided in the creation, testing and installation of bee hives along with the necessary support structures to maintain on-going activities and bee keeping techniques.

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