Help Shape the Aotea Quarter

Council wants your views on what would make Aotea Quarter the civic, arts and cultural heart for all Aucklanders as well as opportunities to tap into the development, cultural identity and transport potential of this area. As well as confirming an overarching vision for the area, Council plans to redevelop a number of Council owned assets to "breathe new life” into the area. This includes the Civic building - expressions of interests are now out , as well as the Aotea Centre, and two car parking areas including the area earmarked for the future Aotea Station as part of the CRL works.

A concentrated focus on investment and redeveloping the quarter with focus on the arts and cultural core will strengthen the overall city centre’s proposition, and drive greater economic success for the area. 

Your views will help shape the final framework when it is published at the end of 2015. This will be used to inform future direction, decision-making and investment in the quarter, guiding the work of the council family and its partners. 

There are many ways to get involved and find out more about what is proposed as well provide feedback. This includes:

Business Focus Group

Council is planning hold a targeted business focus group on Wednesday 7 October, 5.30pm - 7.30pm. If you are a business in the area, and you’re interested in attending please contact Nic Williams, Auckland Council on 

Or take part in a walking tour, join a focus group or provide your feedback online.  

To find out more about what is proposed as well as the details of how to get involved view the Council website here. Feedback is to be received by 22 October.