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About our submission on the proposed 30km/h speed limit for the city centre

News story
Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

Changing the speed limit across the whole city centre to 30km/h (and to 10km/h in the 'shared spaces') is a significant move, and there is a range of views as to whether it's a good idea or not. While we acknowledge the concerns about what is proposed, we have taken the view that it's a neccessary change to create a safe environment and to support the rapidly growing city centre. 

Our submission to Auckland Transport supports the proposal, subject to some requirements. We have taken into consideration the evidence and benefits of reducing the speed limit, the views of business, the changing needs of a growing city, as well as understanding the impacts and proposed approach to better managing vehicle access in determining our position. 

There are concerns that the proposed reduction in speed will exacerbate the already congested road network. A critical aspect to managing traffic in a slower speed environment is by 'green waving' signals. This means that the traffic lights on some streets such as Nelson and Fanshawe, will be coordinated to allow continuous traffic flow over several intersections, set at a 30km/h speed. 

The feedback we heard from businesses and property owners was mixed, with a slightly higher number of people supporting the proposal than those who didn't.

Of those who supported the proposal, the key reasons for this support was the priority for safety, the recognition of the numbers of people in the city and the expected growth as well as the opportunity to develop a greater sense of place in the city centre.

For those who expressed concern about what was proposed, the key reason was the rationale for changing the speed across the whole city centre. There were comments about 40km/h being a more appropriate speed, as well as concerns about the impact the slower speeds may have on congestion and access into the city.

Auckland Transport's consultation period ended on Sunday 31 March and they are now analysing responses.

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