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Britomart station is taking its escalators to the next level

News story
Monday 7 Oct 2019

The new metro-grade escalators will replace the old ones and will go 30 percent faster than their commercial-grade cousins. Photo: City Rail Link

As City Rail Link construction continues, the arrival of new top-of-the-line escalators will help Britomart station operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Most notably seen in London, New York and Tokyo undergrounds, the new metro-grade escalators will move people 30 percent faster than the commercial-grade escalators currently used in Britomart.

As well as elevating network efficiencies, the escalators are safer, wider, have a longer shelf life and can move 6000 people per hour. They also feature a longer horizontal lead-in, so passengers have more time to settle in before being carried up or down.

Eight of the heavy-duty escalators - a first of their kind to be used in New Zealand - will be installed in Britomart Station. Four will run from the train platform to an intermediate level, then four more will run from the intermediate level to the ground floor of the Chief Post Office.

The Schindler metro-grade escalators are also likely to be used at other CRL stations.

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