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Heart of the City statement in response to new NZ Initiatives report on the night-time economy

Press release
Tuesday 20 Aug 2019

Heart of the City statement on NZ Initiatives report “Living After Midnight, For A better night-time Environment" 

Heart of the City welcomes this report and believes the night time economy is a significant opportunity that would benefit from a more holistic and collaborative approach.

Auckland’s city centre is already active at night and valued at around $450m pa, making up nearly a quarter of the city centre’s overall spend of more than $1.7B pa.  The city centre has a diverse night-time offering, with hospitality and entertainment the largest share of spend. It is a growing and vibrant place where people live, work, exercise, eat out, go for a drink, go dancing, visit the theatre, attend events, go to a gig and also, increasingly, shop in the evening.

Heart of the City promotes a wide range of events and night time entertainment, and we also contribute to the evening economy through our American Express Restaurant Month event (currently on), Late Night Art in October and Late Night Christmas in December.”

There is opportunity to grow the night time offering and doing so collaboratively with others with a stake in its success will deliver the best result.  We made a start last year and want to keep working with business, residents, Auckland Council including ATEED, police and others.   Proactively taking account of the various needs will be more effective than taking a punitive approach, as examples from other cities have shown.”

We have been observing developments off-shore and think the concept of a “night mayor” is potentially a great way of taking an aspirational approach to develop the night-time economy and facilitating conversation and action.  This is about creating a culture and a night time destination that is enjoyable, safe and welcoming for all.  Giving it dedicated focus will enable all the factors that will create success to be addressed.”