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Wrapping up Late Night Christmas

News story
Thursday 17 Jan 2019

Photo: Sacha Stejko

Christmas might be over but we’re still buzzing over the exciting atmosphere (and people) the busy holiday period brought to the city centre - especially during our Late Night Christmas event on Thursday 20 December.

From 5pm – 9pm more than 100 stores along Queen Street, High Street and Britomart opened their doors later to last minute Christmas shoppers and the area came alive with over 70 street performances - check out the photos in the gallery below.

Our pedestrian counts showed that foot traffic in the city centre during the event was up 20% compared to the same time the previous year, with the highest increases seen on High Street (up 30%), and Queen Street (up 20%).

What’s more, our street survey revealed the most common feedback was to do with the “energetic, exciting, safe” atmosphere and "sense of community" the event brought to the city, with more than half of those surveyed saying it made the city centre more appealing.

And addition to enjoying the street performances, nearly 40% said they were visiting retail stores that evening, with people commenting that they were in fact doing their Christmas shopping that night.

While we don’t yet have the results on how all of this translated into spend, the fact that the event got more people out and about in the city centre that evening is in itself a success. The more the city centre is viewed as a vibrant, safe place to visit at night, the more likely it is that people will want to spend time in the city ‘after hours’– and more people in the city is good for businesses.

Events like Late Night Christmas are always a bit of a ‘test and learn’ as we work out what works well and what could be done differently, so we really appreciate you coming on board to participate.

By working together we can all help grow a thriving night time economy in the city centre.

Auckland city centre's night time economy is already valued at about $450m a year and it's got significant potential to grow further. Heart of the City is exploring how best to support this growth by commissioning research and meeting with industry representatives and businesses – and of course by trialling events like Late Night Christmas. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on what will come next! 

  • Photo: Sacha Stejko
  • Photo: Sacha Stejko
  • Photo: Sacha Stejko
  • Photo: Sacha Stejko
  • Photo: Sacha Stejko