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City centre businesses - a chance to give feedback on Auckland's signage bylaw

News story
Tuesday 26 Feb 2019

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport are currently considering how they can improve Auckland’s signage bylaw. 

They want to hear from businesses about how the current bylaw is received. In particular, how the bylaw's rules impact you - and how you think they could be improved.

They have created a survey which takes around 5 -10 minutes to complete and closes Monday 4 March

Feedback collected via the survey will help shape the recommendations about possible changes to the bylaw. There will then be a formal consultation on any proposed changes early next year. 

Some of the areas you will be asked to give feedback on are:

  • Any signage issues you have - including issues to do with the processes
  • Any standards you feel should be amended e.g. how certain types of signs are currently controlled
  • Any new types of signs that should/could be included
  • Whether the bylaw is easy to follow

Click here to start the survey