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Translated versions of important city centre info now available

News story
Friday 17 Jan 2020

To make important city centre info more accessible, we have had some of our key resources translated into Korean and Simplified Chinese. 

The idea is that these resources can easily be downloaded, printed and shared with staff. 

Safety in the city centre

Ensuring the city centre remains a vibrant, enjoyable and safe place for people is important for the success of the city. This is a top priority for us along with the police and Auckland Council. 

Download info on crime prevention and safety initiatives here in Englishhere in simplified Chinese and here in Korean. You can also find this info here on our website.

Waste management - rubbish and recycling

Managing rubbish and keeping the city tidy is important in how visitors, workers and residents see the city. With the high numbers of people, buildings, businesses and traffic here in the city centre, rubbish needs to be managed carefully.

Businesses have a responsibility to dispose of waste appropriately, and to encourage their neighbours to do the same, to keep their local area free of clutter and looking its best.

Download printable rubbish and recycling information here in Englishhere in simplified Chinese and here in Korean. You can also find this info here on our website.

Information for new members

Our business brochure is typically given to businesses when they sign up to be members of Heart of the City. It's handy if you want a quick overview of who we are, what we do and how we support the city centre. It also includes a handy list of key city centre contacts for things like rubbish, street maintenance, rules and bylaws and more. 

Download a printable copy of our business brochure here in English, here in simplified Chinese and here in Korean